Monthly Subscription

No set up fee, no commissions. Choose a subscription plan that suits you.



Business App Consumer App Messaging Categories & Products Price & Discounts Inventory Purchase 


₹ 290 per month

All features of Starter Plan PLUS: B2C Online Sales Order Management Delivery App Integration 


₹ 490 per month

All features of Shop+ Plan PLUS B2B Online Sales GST Invoicing Receivables Payables Microsite 


₹ 990 per month

All features of Growth Plan PLUS Secondary Sales Data (from five connected Distributors/Retailers) Sales Analysis _______________________________ *Aggregation of sales data from additional connected sources on Kart123 (distributors/retailers) can be done at ₹100 per source per month.    *Sales data aggregation requires approval by data source (distributors/retailers).  _______________________________ 

Annual Subscription

Select your plan and pay for ten months in advance to get subscription for the full year.

Pay as you grow: the new option for business growth using digital tools

Why pay upfront development or customization charges to set up a website or online store for your business? Why pay hefty commissions on every transaction? You have a better choice. Get on Kart123 platform, experiment, experience and pay a small subscription fee only as you grow your business.

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Experience how easy it is to set up and manage your online shop on Kart123. Showcase your products to real customers and get their online orders. Try out as many features as you want, with no questions asked. Sign up now to avail 30 days free trial.

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Your own custom domain name and advanced features to suit your specific business requirements. Payment, logistics and social media integrations to further accelerate your business growth!

FAQs on Pricing

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When should I pay the subscription fee? 

When you sign up for Kart123 account, you are automatically enrolled for the free Starter Plan. You can upgrade any time to your preferred Plan by logging into your Kart123 account.

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How to pay the subscription fee?

You can conveniently pay using netbanking, UPI, debit card or credit card from the billing module in your account on

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What about cancellation of subscription?

You can cancel any time if you do not see value in Kart123.

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Is there any set up fee?

No, there is no set up fee.

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What about commissions on order value?

We do not charge any commission on order value.

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How to collect payment from customers?

The default mode for Kart123 is that customers pay you directly using UPI, cash on delivery, or card swipe on delivery. This is similar to how they would pay you during in-store shopping. This helps you to get paid for the exact bill amount, avoid payment delays and save payment gateway charges. In case you want to give other payment options, get in touch with us for payment gateway integration.